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Total Pharmacy™ is a full-service media platform designed to redefine the value and standards of retail pharmacy by providing trusted content and actionable business solutions to drive measurable change in health care delivery.

In The Era of AI and Value-Based Care, We Need To Value The Human Side of Pharmacists

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Why Total Pharmacy™?

"Nearly one third of the fortune 50 companies are in the pharmacy business in some way, shape or form. These are gigantic companies with layers and layers of administrators, lawyers, strategists, engineers, compliance officers and managers. Small businesses don't have a chance unless they have a voice and a set of content that helps them act big, while being small. Total Pharmacy™ was created out of a vision for what local, community-based pharmacies needed to navigate thepost-consolidation world of healthcare."

– Troy Trygstad, CPESN, Executive Director of Quality and Operations


Total Pharmacy is proud to work in collaboration with our partners to ensure our audience receives high-quality, comprehensive content.

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Davy James, Managing Editor
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