Why a Pharmacist Should Use Marketing



Bruce Kneeland: So in general, not specifically about your service agency, tell me a little about why you think you need to market. I mean, that’s not something that most pharmacy owners that I deal with spend a whole lot of time even worrying about. What makes you think you need to market?

Theresa Dickinson, RPh: I don’t know if I necessarily need to market, but I think it’s beneficial to market. With a world where a lot of independent pharmacies have gone out of business, I’m still in business so luckily that’s a thing for itself. But it’s always good to bring more people here. I like the community to really know that I’m here, so just pounding it out, letting the community see it here or there is good. I also do have a TV commercial that we have for different products that we promote, so I do work with TV commercial, also.


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