Technology at Melrose Pharmacy


Bruce Kneeland: So in terms of technology, you’ve filled this place up with some cutting-edge stuff. Tell us a little bit about not only what you have, but why you have it and how it helps you manage the care of your patients better.

Theresa Dickinson, RPh: Sure. We have the Icon Counting machine; I think that’s been great as far as when patients want to claim that they were shorted on their oxycodone prescription, we can look it up and say ‘No, you weren’t’. So that’s been very good, and it’s also very quick on filling the prescriptions. We had that, and then we added the RxSafe machine, which is an inventory management and also helps with filling prescriptions. That’s been very helpful, especially with the inventory management. We have also had some break-ins, and it helps with the narcotics to be randomly put out. So we actually, knock on wood, but I don’t think we’ve had a break-in since we’ve had that machine.



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