Shelving in Rainbow Drug Store


"Taking care of customers is our number priority at Rainbow Drug Store. When they come in the store, our shelving is going to be clearly marked, labelled, all the sections are labelled so that they can find what they need. If they can’t, they ask one of us or we’ll wait on them and take care of their needs, if they need them. Also, in the pharmacy too, the shelving is laid out in an efficient workflow manner, so that everything is properly labelled and divided, whether it’s pickup or delivery. Delivery drivers had everything separated by zip code, so they know where to go, where to take the prescription so that patient’s prescriptions don’t get lost, everything’s taken care of."  


For advertising opportunities:

John Hydrusko, Vice President
(609) 716-7777 x 223

Molly Higgins, National Accounts Associate
(609) 325-4837

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Davy James, Managing Editor
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Jennifer Barrett, Associate Editor
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