Services of the Rainbow Drug Store


"At the Rainbow drugstore, we provide many services to our customers, specialized packaging for those who are taking care of a loved one or somebody who needs help with assistance with packaging and their medications. Med[ication] sync[hronization] for those who are once again taking care of their loved ones and just need to taken care of for them, or somebody who doesn’t stay on track with their medications and needs some help with that for those that can’t get out and come to the pharmacy we take in. We deliver their medications to them and that’s done in their charge to the patient as well."


For advertising opportunities:

John Hydrusko, Vice President
(609) 716-7777 x 223

Molly Higgins, National Accounts Associate
(609) 325-4837

For editorial questions:

Davy James, Managing Editor
(609) 716-7777 x 236

Jennifer Barrett, Associate Editor
(609) 716-7777 x 839

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