“Extra Advice” For Pharmacists (‘Some Science Behind the Pitch’)


Cass Ingram, DO, gives advice for pharmacists about homeopathic medicine at the Natural Products Expo East 2019. 

PT: Is there any other advice you'd like to give to pharmacists about this subject matter?

Cass Ingram, DO: Look to see if there's some science behind the pitch. If there are published data that, for example, oil of oregano is an effective germicide, and there is, that black-seed oil is effective in cardiovascular and digestive inflammation, and there is. That turmeric, the whole food form, is good. But look at this one example: CBD is somewhat effective. Drug cannabidiol is somewhat effective. But when they use the whole food form, it's almost 100% efficacy, so it's about the quality and the most "unaltered" for the pharmacist rather than the pharmaceutical, isolated processed. If they want the results, they need the whole food form.


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