Dan's Wellness Pharmacy Gives Back to the Community Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published - Written by Gabrielle Ientile

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, independent pharmacies have not only continued to offer valuable patient care services and prioritize the health and safety of their customers, but have also found even more ways to support their surrounding communities.

Dan Singh, owner of Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy in Stafford, VA, has been involved in his community, located on the outskirts of Washington DC, since he opened 16 years ago. He noticed that many of his neighbors were struggling due to the challenges posed by the pandemic and was determined to offer help where he could. Dan, his family, and devoted employees all worked together to organize outdoor food drives and give out prepackaged dry goods for those who needed it.

In this interview, Dan discusses these inspiring initiatives, the specialty services his independent pharmacy offers its customers, and what’s in store for Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy in 2021.

Watch Dan's interview. 


00:38 Dan’s journey to pharmacy ownership
01:32 Dan talks about the location and the community his pharmacy serves
02:06 Staff highlights
03:14 Featured customer reviews
04:50 Specialty services at Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy
06:17 Recent accreditation by the Association for Diabetes Care
06:56 Food drives and community outreach amid the COVID-19 pandemic
10:56 What’s next for Dan’s independent pharmacy

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