A Look at the Policy Changes Affecting Independent Pharmacies


 This special Over the Counter episode, brought to you by Total Pharmacy® and Omega Pharmacy Group, dives into how to navigate the business of independent pharmacy and get ahead of key policy changes.

For independent community pharmacists, it’s important to keep pace with policy changes and cultural shifts. Pharmacists who want to know how to navigate the business and get ahead of legislation that could shake up their day-to-day operations should tune in to a recent episode of Over the Counter, the podcast from Drug Topics®, brought to you by Total Pharmacy® and New Jersey–based Omega Pharmacy Group.

In this episode, Jonathan Kurtz, chief executive officer of Omega Pharmacy Group, and Anthony Reznik, director of government and public affairs with Omega Pharmacy Group, walk us through industry trends such as Medicaid Fee-For-Service, COVID-19 vaccination, and direct and indirect remuneration fees, as well as their own efforts to influence legislation on some of these issues.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how to navigate the business and get ahead of legislation that could shake up your day-to-day operations.


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